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Meet the kynzo air fryer
Enjoy your favorite food with a twist of health. Oil free frying, roasting and grilling without loss of nutrients.

Crispy fries, amazing wings, snappy vegetables and more! Kynzo Air fryer is essential for a modern kitchen. Now you can enjoy oil-free, guilt-free frying. It achieves the same delicious, tender results as deep-frying, without oil while retaining the nutrients.

By using air for frying, Kynzo Air fryer ensures uncompromising taste with the benefit of health. Yes! Little or no oil while frying keeps your cholesterol levels in check. With a host of automated features and pre-set options, you can now cook snacks the healthier way, with perfect texture and succulent finish.

Kynzo Air fryer comes with a sleek, futuristic design with an LCD display, and a host of capabilities including auto-timer and over-heat protection. It is safe, easy to clean and economical for your daily use!


  • It comes with LCD display and non-slip rubber pads at the bottom
  • It has a 30 min. timer
  • It can fry, grill and even roast and comes with an auto timer and overheat protection
  • It does not get hot while frying and comes with double protection for its internal circuits

Technical Specifications

  • 220V 50HZ 1350 W
  • Temperature control 80-200 degree celsius
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Capacity: 2.2L

tips to use

Shake it: Shake the food content in the basket for uniform mixing. Rotate the food every 5-10 minutes for best results.

Avoid Overcrowding: Leave enough space between food for air circulation. Try frying in smaller batches.

Keep the food dry: Add a little oil and keep the food in the basket dry. Empty the oil catcher plate periodically.

Warranty: One year against manufacturing defects only