Fruit & Vegetable Washer

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Meet the kynzo fruit & vegetable washer
Get rid of harmful bacterial and pesticide residue from your fruits and vegetables.

We don't think twice about washing our hands thoroughly before eating. Now ask yourself, how well do you wash your vegetables and fruits before cooking/eating? Actually, very little of what's on fresh vegetables and fruits comes off when you rinse them under running water. There are potentially hidden dangers lurking on the surfaces of the fruits and vegetables we consume daily. In today's scenario pertaining to food, we are inadvertently consuming fruits and vegetables which are highly contaminated with various chemicals, artificial waxes and plenty of unknown pathogens that have adverse health impacts.

Kynzo's Fruit and Vegetable Washer effectively removes pesticide residue on the surface on fruits and vegetables, kills bacteria and pathogens and makes them safe for consumption. Adopting the powerful ozone disfunction technology, the smart appliance creates a strong sterilizing effect, thereby safeguard you from negative impacts of these surface toxicants and retaining the freshness of food items. With Kynzo Fruit and Vegetable Washer, enjoy the goodness of health and improve your quality of life.


  • Spray vortex flow with clockwise and counter clockwise rotation
  • Higher washing capacity than traditional washers
  • Ultra-silent and power saving
  • Optimum ozone concentration to clean fruits and vegetables thoroughly without damaging
  • Smart control setting for different types of food items

Technical Specifications

  • 220 v - 50 Hz - 35 W
  • Washing capacity: 9 liters

tips to use

Put fruits and vegetables into the basket

Add water and fill the washing basket

Close the lid to avoid the ozone from leaking

Plug in the power cable into the socket with proper grounding

Set the washing type in the control panel by choosing suitable washing modes

Once the washing is complete, the unit switches off automatically

Warranty: 6 months warranty is limited to manufacturing defects only.