Slow Juicer

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Meet the kynzo slow juicer
Slow and steady wins the taste! Gives you refreshing goodness and health.

Drinking fresh pressed juice everyday will go a long way in meeting your nutritional needs while cleansing your system, and boosting your immunity. Making fresh pressed juice was never this easy and healthy.

Treat yourself to healthy home-made juice with Kynzo's all-new Slow Juicer. This unique appliance extracts the natural flavors from the fruits/vegetables and delivers smooth and delectable juice with perfect texture and foam. By going slow, you also get to enjoy more of the fruit's natural taste and nutrients.

Due to its slow pressing and squeezing process, the juicer keeps fruits/vegetables at a cool processing temperature. This retains the enzymes and the vitamins that typically get destroyed in a fast juicer. It also retains more fibre from the fruit/vegetable, and makes the juice more healthy and wholesome. Kynzo Slow Juicer's sleek, futuristic design adds to the aesthetics and your modern kitchen.


  • The slow juicer is easy to assemble and clean
  • High torque and low speed motor to produce more homogenized and nutritious fruit and vegetable juices
  • In-built safety lock that turns the juicer off in case it is opened or the chute is clogged

Technical Specifications

  • 220 - 240V, 50HZ 150 W

Warranty: Six months against manufacturing defects only