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Meet the kynzo steam cooker
Cooking perfection and taste, with a dash of vitamins and nutrition.

Steam cooking is considered as one of the healthiest methods of preparing food. Foods that are steamed not only cook prefectly, but also conserve their micro-elements and vitamins, while retaining their shape, color, taste and juice. It is a proven fact that steaming preserves 90% of antioxidants in fresh vegetables, whereas conventional pressure cooking destroys 50% of antioxidants, boiling destroys 67% and micro-waving destroys 97%. Also steam cooking does not require oil, therefore you get a complete healthy meal.

Kynzo's Multi Steam Cooker is a perfect solution for those who wish to eat healthy food at all times. Now you can cook practically anything - from vegetables, to grains to seafood to meat and poultry - and relish everyday meals with the advantage of health. By cooking over a single heat source, you can have different layers of food stacked one on top of the other, saving time and energy. With no oil and no smoke, cleaning up is easy without a mess.


  • Adjustable timer from 0 to 60 minutes
  • Cooks all types of food: Grains, Vegetables, Eggs, Seafood , Meat and Poultry
  • Durable plastic construction offers clear views of food and steaming process
  • Prepare nutritious dishes without adding oil
  • Two Layer Steam Cooker with easy to clean parts

Technical Specifications

  • 220v ~ 240v 50HZ
  • 400W

tips to use

Clean the vegetables thoroughly before placing in the steamer. For fish or meat, season it before placing in the steamer. If you are steaming rice, just add the rice.

When cooking vegetables, look for ones with good color and unblemished skin.

Do not allow the water in the base of the container to touch the food.

Always defrost meat and poultry before cooking.

To achieve a 'browned' look when steaming meats, paprika, browning sauce or any mocrowave browning product.

Warranty: Six months against manufacturing defects only