Frequently Asked Questions

Air fryer

  1. Do we need to use any specific type of oil required for air fryer?
    No, You can use any oil as per your convenience. But Oil usage will get reduced by 70 %
  2. Can we add more ingredients while the food is getting cooked?
    Yes, you can add more but make sure to add the ingredients immediately otherwise the heat loss may lead to more time consumption for cooking the food.
  3. How much time an air fryer takes to cook food?
    It depends upon the quantity and the type of food you are using. Detailed timing for each product is there in the manual.
  4. Is it possible to use baking paper or aluminum foil in an air fryer?
    Yes, But make sure to give appropriate space for the steam passage
  5. Do we need to preheat the air fryer?
    Yes, you need to pre-heat the apparatus for 2 minutes
  6. Does air fryer help in making food crispy and tasty?
    Yes, the food that you cook will be as tasty and crispy as normal frying. One of the main reason is because it helps in keeping the outer layer of the food crisp and the inside gets soft.
  7. Can we cook different varieties of food in an air fryer?
    Yes, you can easily cook different varieties of food such as meat, potatoes, poultry and French fries can be easily cooked. Apart from these, you can also bake brownies and grill different vegetables, mushroom, nuts.

Slow Juicer

  1. Is it possible to grind leafy vegetables?
    Yes, Of course. This is the best form of juicer to extract the juice out of leafy vegetables
  2. How you can claim juicer is more nutritious?
    Because of slow pressing squeezing, fruits and vegetables will be in cool temperature and prevents denaturation and preserves vitamins and minerals
  3. What is the use of reverse button?
    Reverse button should be used only if the fruits/vegetables got stuck. If bowl, feeding tube or motor is stuck, we can use that button
  4. Why leaking from underneath the bowl?
    It happened if extraction packing has not plugged in correctly
  5. Is it required to cut fruits and vegetables?
    Yes, cut fruits and vegetables, remove seeds, stones etc for the smooth operation.
  6. What is the reason that juicer unit not running?
    If assembly is not as per the guidelines, juicer won't start. Read user manual thoroughly and assemble as per instructions

Steam Cooker

  1. Which all food can be cooked in steamer
    All type of food grains, vegetables, meat, chicken, eggs could be cooked using steamer.
  2. Can we add spices or herbs or oil in the basket
    Don't add spices or herbs or oil in the basstet till steaming got finished. But you can herbs in the water that you are taking in the reservoir which in turn make the food aromatic.
  3. How we know whether the cooking is over?
    When cooking process gets competed steamer turns off automatically and lights get off.